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Introducing tckr.html - A simple calculator strip. Like ticker tape, with variables.

2020-01-28 Code
I’ve been wanting a tool lately where it functions kind of like a blank text document, but when you type some math it actually evaluates the formula for you, letting you save the output for use in further equations. So, last night I built it over the course of maybe two hours. It’s simple. It does what it says on the box. It’s portable (just one .html file). It’s easy. Continue reading

HomelabOS v0.6 - Release Notes and Installation Video

2019-05-31 Code
Yesterday I released v0.6 of HomelabOS. HomelabOS is an effort to make it as easy as possible for anyone to host their own cloud-style services, either at home, or on a server they control in the cloud. The goal is to provide a few simple commands to the user, and handle setting everything up for them as easily as possible. It includes over 50 services that can be easily enabled, deployed, and backed up. Continue reading - One command to enable SSH access via Tor to any Ubuntu server.

2019-03-01 Code
At Grownetics we install onsite servers at our clients’ facilities so they can continue to use the system, even if their internet goes out. These servers have fail over connections, and may change connection at any time, and due to the onsite nature of things, we may not be able to have ports forwarded or expect there to be a static IP. In these cases a VPN is a nice thing to have, and we use Tinc for this. Continue reading

Simplest Journal Solution

2019-01-29 Code
This is my simple journal solution. Put the code belowe in your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc Type a j from a terminal, type some notes, save and exit. The script creates a file in the format of ~/journal/2019/ and automatically pushes it to git. EDITOR=vim journal() { mkdir -p ~/journal/`date +%Y` $EDITOR ~/journal/`date +%Y`/`date` (cd ~/journal/; git pull; git add *; git commit -a -m "Update `date +%Y-%m-%d`"; git push) } alias j=journal Easy, simple, effective. Continue reading

Sniffing one's own farts: Moving from GitHub to Gitlab

2018-09-04 Code

I recently announced a new side project of mine, HomelabOS on Reddit.

There was a lot of great feedback, and then there was the hilarious comment in the screenshot.

oh of those people that moved to gitlab to 'send a message'.

OP sounds like the kind of person that sniffs their own farts

While I do enjoy the occassional whiff of gourmet flatulence, I thought I would address my actual motivations behind moving my projects from GitHub to GitLab.

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Slither Bots - How I built a series of JavaScript snippets to play for you

2018-08-22 Code

Slither Bots is a series of scripts I created that automate playing the web-based game in increasingly complicated ways. is a multiplayer version of the classic Worm game. You hit other snakes, you lose, they hit you, they lose. Once a worm dies, it drops a bunch of food that can be slurped up by the survivors (or anyone else) and can double or triple a player’s size in a second or two.

I started very simply, and added layers of complexity one after another, saving them each as a separate generation.

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