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2019-04-10 Code

I have recently begun streaming my open source work on

It’s been fun so far getting to interact with the viewers via the chatroom, and nice to have scheduled, dedicated time to work on my various projects. It’s much harder to just open a new tab and start browsing HN when you have people watching you.

I’ve been making pretty consistent progress both on my projects and with viewership numbers since I started. So far I have been working primarily on my home brew beer tracking software Mashio, but I plan to work on my knowledgebase app BulletNotes, my selfhosted data center project HomelabOS, and my home inventory app Inventario as well.

Screenshot of Twitch Stream

Currently I am streaming Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8-9AM MST. I do randomly jump on at other times as well, and you can Follow me on Twitch to get Notifications when I do, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Someone asked me a while on reddit back to setup a Patreon for my work on Inventario, and I have recently gained my first Patron, so I am now officially making a bit of money back from my open source work! From what I have seen of other open source contributors talking about their efforts, it’s pretty rare to get anything at all, so this is a nice unexpected bonus. I’m at $6/month so far, so not exactly retirement worthy, but hey it’s something.

I have been pretty impressed by the reaction so far actually, a bunch more people are tuning in then I expected, and I’m excited to see hopefully a community of people who want to learn and create together grow around the stream.

So come join us and say hi!

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