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HomelabOS v0.6 - Release Notes and Installation Video

2019-05-31 Code

Yesterday I released v0.6 of HomelabOS.

HomelabOS is an effort to make it as easy as possible for anyone to host their own cloud-style services, either at home, or on a server they control in the cloud.

The goal is to provide a few simple commands to the user, and handle setting everything up for them as easily as possible.

It includes over 50 services that can be easily enabled, deployed, and backed up.

This latest release includes:

  • Added Terraform Support - Optionally spin up cloud servers automatically
  • Improved Tooling - Easily add new services not already included in HomelabOS via a Ruby script
  • Improved Configuration - Added make set and make get commands to make working with the configuration easier.
  • Improved documentation
  • More options - More things are configurable than before
  • Improved deployment - Cleaner Traefik settings
  • Changed Requirements - No longer requires Ansible, only requires Docker to be installed.

I also filmed a short installation video.

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