Technically minded engineer with a passion for innovation.

About Nick

1986-07-02 Nick Busey


My name is Nick Busey.


I am the CTO and co-founder of Grownetics.

I contribute to several open source projects which I work on regularly on my Twitch stream, and post tutorials about to my YouTube channel.

I am available for consulting. Find my contact info below.

I also make and DJ music, ride BMX bikes and motorcycles, snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard, and other such tomfoolery.


Boulder, CO


Entirely self taught, I’ve had a passion for technology since making my first website in fourth grade. I’ve been freelancing since middle school and have been working in the Boulder startup community since 2006.


Chat me on Keybase at nickbusey. Email me at nickabusey on Google’s email service, send me a text message at (303) 532-5670, or hit me up on Twitter @NickBusey or Mastodon @[email protected].

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