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Exterminate your desk: How to remove your mouse

2023-06-01 Tutorials
A few notes on how I finally got rid of my mouse. The why Like many people, I spend the majority of my day working on a computer. I have taken several steps over the years in order to minimize the risk of things like carpal tunnel and RSI. First I learned DVORAK to make typing more natural, I’m a huge fan of it, and being forced to use QWERTY again is never a fun experience. Continue reading

Connecting a Grandstream HT80X (HT801 or HT802) to Twilio

2020-01-28 Tutorials
I recently had to connect a Grandstream HT802. It’s a small device that can give you an analog phone port when all you have available is ethernet ports which are connected to the internet. It is certainly not plug and play, and is clearly intended for use in a more enterprise setting. It’s what we had, and we needed it to work, so I got busy researching how to do it. Continue reading