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Introducing HomelabOS - Ansible scripts to deploy privacy centric personal servers

2018-07-17 Code

I’ve been working on a new Open Source project lately called HomelabOS that aims to make it easy to set up a home server to be a nearly complete cloud services replacement.

I call it ‘Your very own offline-first privacy-centric open-source data-center!’

The goal is to make it easy for anyone to own all their data in an easy and secure way, without the need of cloud providers.

It has a simple one-command setup (make) that uses Ansible to configure and deploy dozens of services for you in Docker containers to a server in your home network.


  • One command deployment
  • Automated Backups
  • Easy Restore
  • Automated Apple Health Data import
  • Automated Tor Onion Service access
  • Automated HTTPS via LetsEncrypt
  • OpenVPN

Software Included


I plan to migrate the deployment from a docker-compose file to a more modular Kubernetes setup.


Latest releases

Let me know if you try it out and how it goes!

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